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Office: 65 Oborishte Str. 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria,tel./fax: +359-2-9440940, tel.+359-2-9444478;

The company is established in 1990 by specialists with a long scientific and practical experience

Registered in the Sofia City Court under number 2242/1990.

Scope of activity:

  • Systems analysis

- Development of IPPC projects for industrial enterprises, for the purpose of environmental permitting,- development of environmental assessment reports,

- Development of Projects for GHG monitoring and reporting, incl. Monitoring plans for GHG emission, inc. applied software for GHG monitoring (more...)

- Energy analyses,

- Analysis of the quality of measurements and measuring systems.

  • Industrial automation -
    engineering, hardware and software for process control,

  • Development, implementation and maintenance of monitoring and control
    of environmental plant parameters:

- Continuous monitoring systems for industrial waste waters and gases,

- Systems for automatic analysis of the contents of gases and liquids, incl. monitoring of ambient air,

- Measurements of flow, density and other parameters of various fluid flows.

  • Energy and environmental projects (more…)

  • Wholesale 0f all kinds of brushes - over 300 kinds (more…)

Customers of our company are a variety of energy and industrial enterprises.

Foreign partners are NETTO Electronics - Prague and ECM ECO Monitoring - Bratislava

Additiional information about our activity