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Applied software for monitoring and reporting of GHG emissions

Calem-C is a product of METASKILL Ltd. and is closely connected with the results from the project for monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions developed for the specific company. Its essential features are that is built on the base of accounting systems and provides a close connection to the document archive records for the emissions of carbon dioxide, calculated for different batches. Fuel and / or material batches for which emissions are calculated are not limited to monthly records. The results of calculations are given as cumulative emissions to present moment and variety of reports ensure easy verification. Calem-C is developed on MS ACCESS 2003 as local database, according to its local application. Broshure

CarMon is a product of the Dutch company ECOFYS, oriented to the consolidation of data on emissions from multiple sources and is focused to the emissions market. The records required monthly reporting of materials and / or fuels batch as a source of emissions, which in some cases require preliminarily preparation of the data. The results are given as monthly emissions and provide consolidation and comparison with exchange information. CarMon is created as WEB - database provided with adequate protection from unauthorized access, available through a license issued by the authors. METASKILL Ltd. provides adaptation and adjustment of the software to the specific applications. Broshure